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Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield

Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
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Sold by the foot. To place your order put how many feet you need it the quantity box and add your order to the shopping cart. - GLUE included.
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Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit Garage Shield
Product Description
Our NSCD garage door threshold seal kit from North Shore Commercial Door is a premium weather seal for commercial or residential garages at a budget price. This garage door water barrier also keeps out pests, dust, dirt and other contaminants. Glue is included to secure your weather seal to the garage door threshold immediately beneath the bottom of the garage door, creating a seal that closes gaps. It's sold by the foot, so you won't have to order more than you need. We advise that you add an extra foot to the length you want to accommodate shrinkage,

Protect your garage's contents from the elements with a seal that will also save you money on energy bills by blocking hot and cold drafts. This tough North Shore Commercial Door brand threshold seal has been tested to confirm it won't crack or shatter when repeatedly driven over by vehicles. The black garage door weather seal threshold also meets California Fire Marshall and CPAI-84 standards for flame resistance. The NSCD-THSB seal will remain flexible from 40 degrees below zero to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making this kit ideal for any climate. The threshold seal is 3 1/8 inches wide and a half-inch high at its tallest point. It's an economical choice over similar Clopay, Sensible Solutions and Storm Shield brands.

Product Highlights:

    • GRAY: TH-300-GRAY
  • Sold by the ft. (Add extra ft. to accommodate shrinkage)
  • Stops pests, water, other contaminants from entering garage
  • Keeps out cold, hot drafts to save on energy bills
  • Manufactured by North Shore Commercial Door
  • Economical substitute for more expensive brands
  • Black
  • Width: 3 1/8 in.
  • Height: up to 1/2 in.
  • Adhesive plus instruction manual included
  • Will not crack or shatter
  • Remains flexible from -40 to 150 degrees F
  • Meets California Fire Marshal/CPAI-84 flame resistance standards
  • Includes 2-year warranty

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Installation Instructions for Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit:

  1. With garage door open, center threshold between the garage door track (the channel the door rollers ride in). Trim to length with utility knife. (The “hump” side should be on the inside side of the door.)
  2. Lower the garage door on top of the threshold’s 2-inch level strip. Push the 45º hump against the back of the bottom of the garage door. Note: Notch threshold around door jambs, if necessary, to ensure the 45º hump is against the back of the bottom of the garage door.
  3. With the pencil, mark the inside edges of the threshold on the floor the full length of the threshold (from one door jamb to the other).
  4. Carefully raise the door (without moving the threshold) and mark the outside edge of the threshold the length of the door.
  5. Remove the threshold and apply three rows of adhesive the full length of the door between the pencil lines.
  6. Replace the threshold between the pencil lines and firmly press into place. Carefully apply pressure to the threshold to ensure the adhesive spreads uniformly.
  7. Inspect the threshold to make sure it is still between the pencil lines. The position can slightly be adjusted for a short period of time. The length of time varies depending on ambient conditions.
  8. Close the garage door to keep constant pressure on the threshold for twenty four (24) hours. ALLOW AT LEAST 24 HOURS FOR ADHESIVE TO DRY BEFORE DRIVING OVER.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Just purchased a storage business and this is where I could find the shield needed to repair one unit by Brian B 10/8/2017
COMMENT: Good prices. by Carolyn K 10/6/2017
QUESTION: Is 1/2 in the only height you have, do you have 3/4 in.? by None N 10/4/2017
QUESTION: Will this work for carriage doors<br /><br />Will the NCSD-THSB work for Carriage Doors? If so, does it come in 3/4" vs 1/2 "? by Bob C 4/6/2017
ANSWER: I don't see why not... are your doors the "swing out" variety? If so, you can install/lay the strip on the inside side. Play with location a bit and get the strip warm and flat for better positioning. You may find that it will stay put even without glue. by David A a
REPLY: Thanks for the reply. by Bob C r
ANSWER: I used it on the door to my garage. The ground where the door landed was uneven so we had made a 5" trough so the door would go all the way down on both sides. Rats were getting in on the short side so I poured concrete into the trough to make the ground meet the door evenly and used the NCSD product to make a seal to keep the rats out. I don't know whether your carriage doors swing out or go down. We have a carriage house and the door goes down like a regular garage door. Not sure my experience is relevant to yours. by Cheryl M a
ANSWER: Once you attach the product to the floor, it is really secure and I doubt that it makes any difference what type of door is pressing against it. by William M a
QUESTION: Does this weather strip go under the door with door seal sitting on top of this weather strip or does it go behind the rubber seal of the door?..........please advise by None N 10/17/2016
ANSWER: The low part of the seal goes under the door and the high part goes just to the inside of the door. I had three leaking doors, two on the garage and one on the barn door - now I have no leaks. One thought, I cut my seals a little extra long and notched the ends so that part of the seal could go inside and against the door jambs to make a tighter seal. by Thomas S a
ANSWER: I am ashamed to say I have not installed my weather strip yet. I believe I have the instructions though, if you can wait until tomorrow or the next day for me to locate them and send them to you . by Patty P a
ANSWER: The rubber seal of the door sits on top of this weather stripping, which is glued to the floor. The weather stripping is taperedwith a raised edge so that any water or dirt if blocked from blowing in between the seal. by Jason P a
ANSWER: There is a ridge on the strip and the seal makes contact behind the ridge with the other half visible from inside the garage when the door is closed. Just finished with Matthew here in N.C. and not a drop of water in my garage. Little suspicious you are asking me to advise a customer about installation but that's how it works. by Guy C a
QUESTION: how many feet on a full role and is there a better price for the full role ? by michael c 9/14/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Please send an email to by Taylor M a
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