Gateway Industrial Products, Inc

The Bug Barrier® is an industrial mesh bug door designed by Gateway Industrial Products, Inc. to keep out unwanted pests and improve airflow in order to maintain a comfortable environment. Each screen is custom manufactured according to your specifications for size (for openings up to 25’ Wide x 20’ High) and available in a variety of colors.

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Model options include Manual Operation, Automatic Operation and High Cycle Operation. The versatile Bug Barrier® can also be mounted in three different configurations; Header Mount, Wall Mount and Stand Off Mount. The standard Bug Barrier® screen is 17 x 11 Weave Mesh which allows up to 35% airflow. The material is a .025” diameter vinyl coated polyester yarn. Other options include a Gnat Screen of 17 x 20 Weave Mesh and a Bird Screen of 5 x 6 Weave Mesh. Every Bug Barrier® features a Reset System / Breakaway Feature for added safety. An interlocking brush seal incorporated at the top of the tracks is designed to help automatically reset the curtain back into the guides if the door is forced out of the tracks by accidental impact. Flexible fiberglass windbars pop out on impact to prevent breakage and aluminum hinge options are available for higher wind areas.