Garage Door Operator Reinforcement Brackets

Replace or reinforce a garage door opener top or side bracket with galvanized steel reinforcement garage door operator brackets from North Shore Commercial Door. We have top fixture brackets, in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches, which include installation hardware.

With a top strut-application bracket, there's no need for a garage door opener arm attachment bracket. We guarantee garage door operator parts and accessories. If you're not sure what size bracket you need, contact our in-house pros for fast answers.

We have garage door opener side mount operator arms that will allow you to install an opener when there are I-beams, exposed overhang siding or other obstacles in the way. They're designed for use on almost any torsion spring garage door, and installation manuals are included. Choose a left-arm or right-arm side mount operator. Stand inside the garage and look outside to determine if you want to order a left-arm or right-arm garage door opener mount. We negotiate discount prices on all replacement brackets and fixtures.