Garage Door Couplings & Shaft Keys

North Shore Commercial Door is the place to go when you need to buy garage door couplings and garage door shafts. We offer a garage-door 1¼" solid shaft coupling that's 4" long and a 1" solid shaft coupling is 4 ¾" long. Both have ¼" keyways and both are made from low-carbon steel. We also offer a 1" tube coupling without a keyway that's 2 ½" long. Need a garage door shaft key? We offer them in bent and straight shapes. If you need torsion shaft couplings, we stock garage door shaft center couplings with either a 1¼" shaft diameter or a 1" shaft diameter.

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North Shore Commercial Door isn't just your one-stop source for garage door shaft replacements or coupling replacements. It's the Internet's number one source for all of your commercial and residential garage-door equipment, parts and accessories. For specific parts and questions, call 440-365-5707 or email