Keeping your Rolling Steel Door up to par shouldn't be rocket science. Luckily, North Shore Commercial Door is here to help keep your door in working condition. When it comes to Roll-Up Steel Doors you can't do any better than DBCI. Their dedication to their customer base is what pushed DBCI to become the quality manufacturer it is today. Since its debut in 1990, DBCI has maintained the top-dog position in the Roll-Up Door industry by consistently raising the bar for its production quality and innovation. The DBCI Rolling Door T-BULB Bottom Seal is one of the most important parts of keeping your door in proper condition. Not only does this weatherseal seal out the weather, but it adds to the overall appearance and functionality. The DBCI 100724-010000 EO kit from North Shore Commercial Door is designed for use when you have a malfunctioning shaft on your DBCI rolling steel commercial garage door opener or self-storage door operator. Install this kit, and it will bypass the shaft and lift the door.

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