Optex Inc. gate operator and barrier arm vehicle sensors from North Shore Commercial Door are also being used at parking lots, automated parking garages bank lots and at industrial facility entrances. The advantage of Optex vehicle sensors is that you can install them without the use of additional loops or loop detectors.

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Track Vehicles, Not People
Our discount-priced Optex vehicle sensors are engineered to detect the movement of vehicles - not people. When you install it, simply program it to ignore human beings. These compact sensors are easy to install on posts, gates or walls. The sensors have one-touch programming for use with residential gate operators or commercial gate openers.

They use advanced microwave and ultrasonic wave technology, and they can be customized for distance and other needs specific to your home or business. Unlike other vehicle sensors, a vehicle's color will not affect an Optex vehicle presence detector.

Optex Vehicle Sensor Options
Our versatile, affordably priced Optex OVS-01G vehicle detection sensor for residential gates will connect to swing gate operators, barrier arm gates or slide gate operators. Install it just 2 ft. to 3 ft. above ground on a pole or post.

The Optex OVS-01G sensor can be wired into a residential or commercial gate operator. You can also program it for use with industrial doors. There are five unique built-in sensitivity settings for custom uses. The microwave vehicle detection range is 5 ft. to 18 ft. The ultrasonic detection range is 2 ft. to 3 1/4 ft.

Optex Sensor Accessories
We also have made-tough Optex commercial and residential gate posts designed to mount your Optex vehicle sensor. Our Optex Wireless 2000 Annunciator System is an automatic detection and alert system.

The Optex RCTD-20U Wireless System includes an Optex TD-20U outdoor use-rated wireless PIR detector and a RC-20U R.F. receiver. You can program as many as eight additional TD-20U sensors to the Optex RC-20U R.F. receiver.

We also carry Optex-compatible BEA photo safety beam adaptor kits. These Microcell by BEA photo sensor beams can replace Optex beams without having to position a new cable.

Having trouble finding the right sensors or Optex accessories for your installation? Contact our Sales and Support team by email (support@northshorecommercialdoor.com) or by phone (800 783-6112).