Garage Door Lubricants

Keep garage door parts lubricated, and extend the life of your garage door, with premium lubricants from North Shore Commercial Door. We have sprays and oils by top makers like WD-40 and Fehr. We have Genie garage door lubricant spray and our own North Shore Commercial Door brands of garage door lubricants. Keeping the moving parts of your garage door lubricated will reduce stress and wear and tear on parts and the motor, extend the life expectancy of parts, provide quieter operations, and help inhibit rust and corrosion.

Aero lithium-based low-temperature grease with low-torque start-up capability is effective in temperatures as low as minus-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Fehr food-grade parts and garage door lubricants are ideal for facilities with food processing, packing, handling and storage. Fehr lubricants are NSF H1 qualified. Schaeffer's Penetro 90 lube is a high-performance penetrating oil. Versatile 3-In-One Lock Dry lube lubricates garage doors, and loosens and lubricates residential and commercial door locks. It can also be used on garage door weather stripping to help prevent corrosion.

Our money-saving North Shore Commercial Door brands include silicone-containing NSCD Garage Door One Super Lube, which will help quiet those squeaky doors. NSCD's penetrating lubricant can penetrate even advanced rust and corrosion. The special formula sprays on as a foam for deep penetration between nuts, bolts and other parts.

For severe weather climates, consider NSCD lubricant with PTFE, which can work in temperatures ranging from minus-30 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information about garage door and parts lubricants, visit our 'Facts About Lubricants' page.

Regular use of these oil based sprays is especially important for outdoor systems exposed to the weather and perhaps even to corrosive road salt. We also stock dry lubricants that offer the advantage of attracting and trapping less dirt than liquid lubricants. Lubricants such as the white lithium grease will lubricate parts, protect them from corrosion, and will resist washing off. They continue to provide lubrication even during temperature extremes, as well. Regular lubrication is smart maintenance that will pay off in greater longevity for your gate or garage door opener.