Control Chief

Control up to 1,000 doors or gates at your industrial site with Control Chief Access 1000 wireless controls, receivers and mounts from North Share Commercial Door. Control Chief has 40 years of engineering expertise that serves nuclear, steel, mining , industrial site and grain handling facilities. We have negotiated discount prices on their premium-quality wireless industrial door and remote transmitters and receivers. These devices are protected by heavy-duty, weather-resistant cases that are made to last in manufacturing settings. We have 900 MHz transmitters with belt clips and optional vehicle mounts. Control Chief 115 VAC 60Hz-powered receivers for up to 1,000 gates or doors have three single-pole double-pole relays. These Access 1000 receivers have a memory capacity of up to 500 transmitters. A detachable memory card will back up your configuration parameters. Control Chief's 12-VDC Powered Cradle with ball-joint mounting arm can be hardwire to a forklift Tow Motor or mobile equipment to hold your transmitter.

Product Highlights:

  • Control up to 1,000 industrial doors or gates
  • Durable weather-resistant IP65-rated cases
  • 900 MHz transmitter cases with backlit displays
  • 115 VAC 60Hz-powered receivers
  • Receivers have memory capacity for up to 500 transmitters
  • 12-VDC Powered Cradle has ball-joint mounting
  • Usually ships next business day

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