Our Challenger residential garage door opener and gate operator remote control transmitters, receivers and wireless keypads from North Shore Commercial Door are compatible with all Linear Multi-Code remotes and receivers. We have one- and two-channel Challenger remotes that can operate one or two garage door or gate operators. Each 300MHz battery-powered remote can be programmed with any of 1,024 possible dip switch codes.

We have Challenger wireless garage door opener keypads that can be programmed with 4-digit pins on backlit 12-button keypads. Each Challenger garage door opener keypad with tamper-resistant slide cover can be mounted outside your garage using just two screws. A 9-volt battery is included with the keypad. Use just the keypad, or use as a second access option to your garage door opener remote.

For older garage door openers, we carry Challenger conversion kits to replace remote control transmitter models that no longer are available. Each 300MHz Challenger universal replacement kit includes a 1-button remote, receiver and transformer. This universal Challenger garage door operator kit is compatible with all garage door opener brands.