Miller Edge

Our discount-priced Miller Edge garage door and gate sensors from North Shore Commercial Door will prevent damages and injuries at your home or business. We have Miller Edge non-contact commercial garage door edge sensors that will send a signal to stop, start or reverse a door or gate motor when this equipment senses an obstacle. It can also be installed along the length of a conveyor or the bumper of an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) as an emergency stop. We have Thru-Beam photo optic systems by Miller Edge that will send a signal to gate or door motor controls to stop or reverse motion when an obstacle is encountered. The smartly designed Miller Edge MWRTA12 gate and garage door receiver and transmitter sounds an alarm when the battery is low. Miller Edge's trademarked Prime-Guard monitored through-beam photo optic system will serve as a protective barrier guarding a potentially hazardous zone. When the light beam is interrupted by an obstruction, a signal to the motor controls will cause the motor to stop and/or reverse motion. We also carry gate and garage door safety edge testers by Miller Edge, the company's telescoping non-contact infrared sending edge kits and monitored light curtains. Miller Edge's sturdy housing on its trademarked Reflecti-Guard photo optic door/gate sensor means you can use it indoors or outdoors. The Reflecti-Guard system is a favorite for use at tollbooths and parking lots. We also carry Miller Edge pneumatic air switches for rolling, sectional and sliding doors. Use our website coupons to save on products or shipping. We have been America's go-to source for garage door sensors and openers for more than 35 years. We offer discount prices on the best brands and fast, low-cost shipping. Consult our in-house experts with any questions.