Proximity Readers & HID Card Readers

Enjoy lower prices on traffic gate and door access proximity card readers and RFID-embedded HID card readers by top brands like Security Brands, EMX and Transmitter Solutions when you shop our large inventory of styles at North Shore Commercial Door. We have stand-alone Security Brands touch-plate proximity card (smart card) readers for commercial door or vehicular gate control.

EMX Industries has stand-alone proximity readers with keypads that allow four ways to access a gate or door. Enter a four-digit pass code, use your proximity card, use a proximity card plus four-digit code, or use either prox card or four-digit code access. Among our HID readers, Transmitter Solutions has mini HID card readers that can be used inside or outdoors.

Waterproof Transmitter Solutions single-gang card readers can read HID cards, fobs and RFID EM cards. Security Brands has long-range HID readers for commercial gates that can recognize cards from up to 22 inches away. One Transmitter Solutions prox card reader plus keypad for a single door or gate entry includes a remote control transmitter.