The Green Hinge System

North Shore Commercial Door is proud to carry a variety of Green Hinge System Products. Based out of Wisconsin, Green Hinge Systems has quickly risen to the top of the industry thanks to its quality products. These custom patent-pending hinges are the best at preventing heat loss due to their spring-loaded design. Our collection includes Green Hinge garage door Double End Hinges, Garage Door System 5-Section Door hinges and Garage Door System 4-Section Door hinges.

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Research shows the majority of overhead doors do not seal and tend to rattle in the wind. Doors with the Green Hinge system will seal properly and keep out the things we don't want in our buildings. The Green Hinge System is a unique patent-pending spring-loaded hinge that allows automatic adjustment of your door, providing a close tight seal of your door to your building – eliminating that air gap and saving you money

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