Garage Door Bearings

We offer price discounts on garage door bearings for your residential or commercial garage door at North Shore Commercial Door. Choose flanged, radial, football-shaped, precision and pillow-shaped bearing designs for regular or heavy-duty garage door operations. We also carry made-tough nylon garage door shaft inserts.

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Our football bearings and flanged bearings for garage doors can be purchased with 1-in. or 1 1/4-in. diameters. Choose flanged radial bearings with a weight rating of 400 lb. or 900 lb. Find a variety of diameter sizes on our garage door replacement pillow block bearings and garage door precision bearings. 

If you can't find the part size and style for a replacement bearing inscribed on your garage door or listed in your owner's manual, our staff can help you find the part sizes you need to replace worn bearings. Trust our 35-plus years of experience, and enjoy our top-rated customer service before and after every sale.