Welcome to the Trac-Rite Upkeep and Repair category! Here at North Shore Commercial Door, we understand the importance of maintaining and repairing your Trac-Rite Roll Up Doors. Whether you have a Trac-Rite door installed in a commercial mini warehouse, a self-storage facility, or a residential storage unit, we have the perfect replacement parts to ensure your door stays in peak condition.


Weather Seals: We offer a range of weather seals specifically designed by Trac-Rite to keep out harmful weather elements and dust. Our astragal bottom seal, brush seal, and draft stops can be custom-cut to fit your door perfectly, providing superior protection against the elements.

Cylinder Locks: Security is paramount when it comes to your Trac-Rite door, and our cylinder locks are up to the task. These locks are strike-proof, drill-proof, and pick-proof, offering robust protection for your door. With a flush mount design, they seamlessly integrate with your Trac-Rite door, providing both security and aesthetic appeal.

Slide Latches: Our slide latches are expertly designed and manufactured by Trac-Rite to perfectly fit their doors. Constructed from durable stainless steel, these latches are built to withstand outdoor installations and resist corrosion. Each latch comes with a felt backer and fasteners, ensuring a secure and reliable closure for your Trac-Rite door.

At North Shore Commercial Door, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality replacement parts for Trac-Rite Doors. With our extensive selection of weather seals, cylinder locks, and slide latches, you can trust us to help you keep your Trac-Rite door functioning flawlessly. Browse our collection and discover the right parts to maintain and repair your Trac-Rite Roll Up Door today.