Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Replacements

Every automatic garage door opener system needs a working circuit board to function. Also called a garage door motherboard or logic board, this sends signals that allow the door to open and close properly when commanded.

If your circuit board has failed — common signs include the opener working strangely or a shining warning light — you don’t need to replace the entire opener system. North Shore Commercial Door will help to find a garage door circuit board for DIY replacement or to provide to a technician. We carry logic boards from all major brands, so whether you need an Allstar, Hormann, Linear, Genie or Craftsman garage door opener circuit board, we either have it in stock or can get it for you.

North Shore Commercial Door has low everyday prices and the resources you need to choose the correct garage door circuit board. Watch our video board or call us at (800) 783-6112.