Clopay is one of America’s largest manufacturers of residential garage doors and are available in a wide variety of styles. At North Shore Commercial Door we have the parts you need for Clopay overhead garage door replacement, garage door installation, or simple garage door repairs. We carry the unique Clopay garage door parts specially designed for their EZ line of extension spring and torsion spring garage doors. Whether it be a commercial or residential garage door, EZ-set torsion spring kits and EZ-set extension spring kits are designed for DIY installation of garage door torsion springs and extension springs. Multiple spring and heavy-duty garage door hardware options, including cable drums and options for low headroom installations, from Clopay are available to fit the needs of virtually any job. Spring kits for garage door service and repair come in double car and single car options If you're looking for a specific Clopay garage door part, have any concerns, questions, or comments, feel free to contact us at