Garage Door Cable Drums

For higher-quality garage door cable drums at bargain prices, shop our standard-lift, high-lift and vertical-lift cable drum styles at North Shore Commercial Door. Raised grooves on these garage door cable drum replacements help stabilize your garage door for safer operations.

See our standard lift cable drums with grooves for garage door heights of 8 ft. to 34 ft. We have garage door vertical lift cable turns with grooves that are taller than standard cable drum grooves. These are designed for doors that open on a vertical track. Our vertical lift cables fit garage door heights ranging from 11 ft. to 18 ft.

High lift cable drums have flat and raised grooves to balance doors on either vertical or horizontal tracks. These cable drums with high lift designs will fit garage door heights ranging from 9 ft. to 19 ft. All our cable drums are sold in pairs that include a right-side and left-side drum. Because we keep a large inventory on hand, most parts will ship the next business day following our receipt of your order.