How to Identify Your Garage Door Brand

How to Identify Your Garage Door


Knowing which brand door you have will make choosing parts a lot easier!

There are some common patterns that manufacturers and installers use to label their doors. Some include safety information, some include installation dates & contact information for the company that completed the installation.

See our guide below for some typical examples and find the products you’ll need for your garage door.

Garage Door Identifier

Customer Order Labels

Many suppliers label doors based on the customer’s order. This label shown includes: The company that bought the door, the order date and order number.

You can reach out to the company using that information to find out more details.

Garage Door Side Rail

Common Location:

Side Railing

Garage Door Custom Order Labels

Branded Warning Labels

Most doors contain warning labels with safety information, usually these are branded by the manufacturer, like this Wayne Dalton example.

Branded Warning Labels on Garage Door Side Railing

Common Location:

Side Railing

Garage Door Branded Warning Label

Safety Labels

Similar to warning labels, some companies use more generic safety labels. Many of these still include small copyright dates and company names to give you an idea of when the door was installed and the manufacturer.

Safety Labels on Garage Door Side Railing

Common Location:

Side Railing

Garage Door Safety Label

Manufacturer Labels

This example has a wealth of information available such as: the manufacturer, model name, door size, distributor, load date and order number.

Manufacturer Label on Garage Door Side Railing

Common Location:

Side Railing

Garage Door Manufacturer Label

Installer Stickers

Most installers will have a sticker that they affix to the door so customers can call them for repairs. You can call the installer to find out the make and model of your door.

Installer Sticke on Door Panel

Common Location:

Door Panel

Garage Door Installer Sticker

Hardware Stamps

Some manufacturers stamp their hardware with their logo or model information. Look at hinges, brackets or railings to find out what brand your door is.

Garage Door Hardware Stamps

Common Location:


Garage Door Hardware Stamps

Once you know your door's make and model... what now?

Now you can use our site to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just enter the manufacturer into the search bar to see common searches or popular products.

You could also select your garage door’s manufacturer below to go straight to their page.

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