Commercial Gate & Garage Door Loop Accessories

North Shore Commercial Door is your one-stop source for all your electric door and gate needs. We offer universal door loops, commercial doors, a vehicle detection loop repair kit, 110-volt garage door opener accessories and garage gate loops. Our detectors include the Northstar gate and garage door NP2 loop detector, along with EMX-D-TEK gate and garage door loop detector boxes in the in the 12V & 110V, and 12V-24V modes. We also stock pre-formed vehicle detection pave-over loops in sizes. Our saw-cut, pre-formed vehicle detection loops come in an array of sizes.

If you need a sealant for you saw-cut door loops, we stock Q-Seal sealant. We also offer a universal solid state gate and garage door timer, along with a seven-day universal gate and garage door timer. If you do not see the part or product that you need for your garage listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have the ability get any item that our customers need.