Automatic Technology America

As a premier designer, supplier and retailer of garage door, transmitter and access security needs for Australia, Automatic Technology also has an established presence in Europe, Canada, and the Pacific Region. In many parts of the U.S., there's an app to request a warranty replacement for a transmitter or some similar, nearby convenience. In Australia, for a farmer, rancher or rural homeowner, a broken garage or barn door opener is not a quick-fix. That's why Automatic Technology products are designed to last and to last in extreme surroundings.

Automatic Technology delivers on its pledge of innovation: for 30 years they have pushed to make their products simpler to use and more accessible to the consumer. Their products suit someone who needs to operate the door on a plane hangar to something your kid can use to safely get in the house from their phone after school. Automatic Technology is also well aware of security needs. Their Trio-CodeTM technology uses proprietary layered rolling-code, meaning top-notch security attributes.

With the motto SIMPLE. SAFE. SECURE. Automatic Technology is establishing a company-owned and company-managed presence here in the US. North Shore Commercial Door is adding to our home and life selections with a the Automatic Technology ultra rugged line of shed-door opener-operators. Instead of fumbling with a rusty lock, roll out on the mower or grab the barbecue grill with the press of a button. This is an exciting innovation and North Shore is glad to be one of the first US companies to offer this Automatic Technology product and others.