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1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller

1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
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Item# RL271-NY-H
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1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
1-3/4in Wheel 7in Stem Nylon Garage Door Roller
Product Description
Each roller sold separately

Shaft Length: approx 7"

Roller Diameter: 1.75" for 2" track

Shaft diameter: 7/16"

11 /13 ball bearing rating: 75lbs per roller @ 50,000 cycles

New Roller Design and Old Roller Design

Please note: The old 13 ball roller was rated for max 75 lb load sections and 15,000 cycles.

The new 11 ball roller is also rated for max 75 lb sections but passed 50,000 cycles.

One key difference is the way the ball bearing race track is formed. The new wishbone design holds onto the tire a little better and helps keep the tire from coming loose thus improved performance. But, less ball bearings can fit into this new design.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: it's what I need at a reasonable cost. by Chuck B 4/28/2017
COMMENT: Needed replacement rollers by Bob W 4/3/2017
QUESTION: Clarification, are these individually priced or is this for a "pack of ten"? Product Description says a "pack of 10", but the dialogue in the Q&A indicates it may be for "1roller" only? by Kevin R 9/23/2015
ANSWER: One roller when I ordered it a few months back by Nicholas W a
ANSWER: Pack of 10 when I purchased by george d a
STAFF ANSWER: 1 roller is $1.12 each by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My rollers are 1-3/4" dia, with 7/16" dia by 4" stem. Is that what they call a 2" roller? by David E 8/9/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it is. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: which roller is more durable, nylon or steel? by patrick v 8/6/2015
ANSWER: Have used both-originals were steel...have replaced them with problems so far...based on my limited experience I will say that my impression is that nylon are as good as steel and maybe better...price not too much different...I will add that I was amazed at how low the prices were online...good luck...I was told nylon are better and less apt to be noisy... by paul l a
ANSWER: The roller bearings inside wear out first. The nylon garage door rollers are much more quiet. The outer roller has never worn out for us. We like the nylon ones. by Florence S a
ANSWER: I purchased the nylon for two reasons, they are quieter to run, and for their durability. I went 15 years with my prior set until one broke down. I replaced all, and anticipate another 15 years of uninterrupted service. My door is oversized to height and width, so I went with the better rollers. by Results b a
ANSWER: Steel is more durable . Nylon is quieter<br /> I have none wear out at outer wheel it most often wears or breaks at shaft and wheel which both have metal at that point by ronald s a
ANSWER: I got the nylon rollers to help make the door quitter. After about a year of residential use no wear has been found. by James K a
ANSWER: Durability depends on the bearing, not the roller material.<br />The nylon rollers are much less noisy. by Neil F a
ANSWER: I'm just a consumer like you but my understanding is that steel is always a longer lasting product but has a tendency to make more noise. Nylon lasts quite sometime but will have a tendency to operate more smoothly and quietly. Again I am just a consumer but that is my basic understanding. by Nicholas W a
QUESTION: Why would I go with 7" stem vs. 4" stem? I current have 4 but one side of the garage door seems it was installed 1/2 inch too long. I assume the 7" stem would help keep it in place. by None N 7/12/2014
ANSWER: Generally if your instalation is correct and level you can continue to use 4" . Longer stems on any installation can use any stem length with same shaft size. I use longer stems on unlevel uneven opening door. The door standard roller pulled out pass the hinge in certain positions falling off . if your door rollers stay complettly in hinge going up and down use stranded they easier to put on<br />If you have a good roller that keeps falling off change to longer shaft for that one . May have to take door hinge to install. by ronald s a