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3/32" Cable set for 7' high Garage door with torsion springs 104"

3/32" Cable set for 7' high Garage door with torsion springs 104"
3/32" Cable set for 7' high Garage door with torsion springs 104"
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Item# CA104-00-01
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3/32" Cable set for 7' high Garage door with torsion springs 104"
3/32" Cable set for 7' high Garage door with torsion springs 104"
Product Description
CA104-00-01 (formerly known as Newitem131572549) 3/32" Cable 7 X 7 Assemblie 104" Long -7' High Torsion Door
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COMMENT: Your web site was simple to use and your prices were very reasonable. by Jose V 9/5/2017
COMMENT: Replaced original product. Correct size by Lonnie T 8/15/2017
QUESTION: How do you replace door lifting cables? by None N 6/3/2016
ANSWER: I watched the video in you tube. Then followed the instructions. It was easy. by Paul B a
ANSWER: WARNING... To do so all tention must be released from the torsion spring . This should not be tried by an enexperinced tech or home owner . Your safety is at serious risk . by Shane D a
QUESTION: How large are the loops at the bottom of the cable? I have purchased replacement cables at the local hardware and at Home Depot and both have loops that are too large and they keep slipping off while trying to adjust the spring. by None N 8/19/2014
ANSWER: loops on cables I purchased were perfect fit by George K a
ANSWER: They expand to about 1/2 inch when pulled over the stud <br />to be mounted. The flange is big enough to keep them from falling off. Actually there is no way they would <br />slip off by themselves. When putting tension on the springs the cables should be tensed and the bar anchored<br />with vise grips to maintain that tension until the end.<br />If they slip off by themselves it's BAD NEWS !!! by tadeusz w a
ANSWER: We found it to be very small. It is small enough to tightly fit to the peg on the end of the door.<br /><br />We have a standard door and it works well. by Wijitha S a
QUESTION: Good day, will this cable work on a Clopay 16'x7' residential garage door ? by Gary T 1/1/2014
ANSWER: I purchased this cable for a similar garage door. The loops on the end which attach to the bottom of the door were not large enough. I had to modify the cable to make it work by cutting and re-crimping. I probably could have just worked at it a little more with a hammer or something, but I didn't have alot of room when installing.<br /><br />Otherwise, If you have a torsion spring set-up you should be fine. by Steven M a
ANSWER: first, do you have torsion spring system? that is do you have a torsion spring mounted above the garage door or do you have springs located on the side of both rails-- if you have a torsion spring then you do want the cable for torsion springs---- I used them on 8 foot doors so you may want to first see what the cable you are replacing is could be 1/8" lot of weight on that door so you want to make sure the cable is rated for the weight of the door by George K a
ANSWER: I used these cables on my 7 garage doors and they worked perfectly. Just be sure to check that you are getting the proper cable thickness. by Steve P a
ANSWER: I am not sure it was the same height and I am a distance from it to check. by Z K a
ANSWER: This is what I used mine on. It seems to work fine. Actually the failures I have had in the past were the springs that hold the cable. I had two break on me and luckily they damaged nothing including me. My torsion is dangerous too, but I have not had one break yet. by Z K a