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Liftmaster 41A7562 Garage Door Opener Light lens Cover

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Liftmaster 41A7562 Garage Door Opener Light lens Cover for Liftmaster models 8360, 8557, 8587, and 8550 •This 041A7562 / 41A7562 (same part) light cover is a direct Liftmaster Chamberlain replacement part for the model 8360 and the model 8550 garage door openers. •The word "Liftmaster" is stamped on the end of this lens cover; just above that there is a pull here label. The base has a louvered panel that is translucent black in color. Four hook shaped tabs latch in to the garage door opener motorhead. The White colored sides of this light cover has four tabs that fit into the garage door opener. •These lens covers are fragile and can break if dropped. If you have damaged your light cover in any way, do not waste time trying to glue it back together, the best option is to replace it with a brand new Genuine Manufacture product. •Many smokers use the garage and it will turn your lens cover yellow, this discoloration cannot be cleaned from the light cover on your garage door opener. The replacement 41A7562 sold by Northshorecommercialdoor.com is bright white and will let that light bulb shine through and result in brighter lighting in your garage.