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Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket

Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket
Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket
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Item# 4A1344
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Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket
Liftmaster 4A1344 Light socket
Product Description

The LiftMaster 4A1344 garage door opener light socket from North Shore Commercial Door will replace most LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman, Raynor and Chamberlain garage door opener light sockets. The 4A1344 light socket is 4.3 inches by 2.6 inches by 1.9 inches in size. To replace your old light socket, pop it out of the opener on your door opener. If the old socket doesn't pop off, you can gently pry it off with a screwdriver. You will see two wire leads connected to the opener. Slide the wires into the new LiftMaster light socket's tabs, matching the larger lead wire to the larger socket tab, and smaller wire to the smaller tab, or prong. Then, just snap the new socket into place, replace the light bulb and reinstall the cover.

Product Highlights:

  • Item # 4A1344
  • Replaces most LiftMaster, Craftsman, Raynor, Chamberlain light sockets
  • Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.6" x 1.9"
  • Remove cover on garage door opener and pop off old socket
  • Slide wires inside to tabs on new light socket, matching larger wire lead to larger tab
  • New light socket snaps into place
  • Contact our in-house pros with any questions
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COMMENT: Mine were burnt out by Jim M 9/8/2017
COMMENT: Needed to repair my door light. by James S 6/28/2017
QUESTION: To replace the light socket, do I need to take off the front panel or just the light cover? It looks like I just pop the old socket out without removing the front panel but wanted to make sure. by None N 4/20/2014
ANSWER: just the light cover by S R a
ANSWER: No need to remove front panel. Unplug the opener. Remove light cover. Old socket just snaps in and out, so use a small screwdriver to help pry out the old socket. The wires are attached with spade and shoe clips that just slide on and off. Gently pull off wires and attach new socket noting the correct wiring scheme. Snap new socket into place. Replace bulb and cover. Plug in opener and light should work. <br />Hope this helps. by Keith C a
ANSWER: Just take off the plastic light cover only... the socket will pop out.... may have to push gently pry with screw driver on flexible knotched end to pop out and pop new one end [look at your new one to see where that end is on old one to pop out]<br /><br />SIMPLE 60 yr old female did my own! LOL by julie f a
ANSWER: It just pops right out. It's been a while but maybe twist. Be sure power is disconnected. by R C a
QUESTION: How do I install the light socket on a Chamberlain 3255 garage door opener? by None N 1/25/2014
ANSWER: When you remove the old socket, you should find that the wires can be pulled off the prongs on the old socket. Push the connectors on the wires onto the prongs of the new socket, then push the socket back into place. My household repair skills are fairly rudimentary, but I had no problem with this task, and it has been working great since I installed in a couple of months ago. by Frederick L a
QUESTION: Will this light socket fit model #2280 ? by vinnie s 5/21/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will work, This is the only light socket Liftmaster has used on their residential units by Matthew O a
ANSWER: Not sure but it is the right part for 2888A. It's not expensive so try it. Very easy to install just shut off electric. by M G a
QUESTION: how to replace light socket in chamberlain 3280 liftmaster formula 1 door opener? by None N 11/16/2012
ANSWER: Make sure to unplug the opener. Pop out the old socket from the opener. Pull the wiring connectors off the old socket. Snap the wiring connectors on the new socket and replace the new socket back into the opener. by C H a
ANSWER: Hi, remove panel. Detach wires Remove socket by releasing tabs on backside of panel. by N A a
ANSWER: Easy to replace. Old unit just snaps out may require use of a small screwdriver. Unhook wires and reattach to new unit and snap back in. by D D a
ANSWER: The socket just snaps in and out. The wires are clipped onto the socket. by S P a