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8-Foot Rear Foam Seal DLF10-01-W

8-Foot Rear Foam Seal DLF10-01-W
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Item# DLF10-01-W
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8-Foot Rear Foam Seal DLF10-01-W
8-Foot Rear Foam Seal DLF10-01-W
Product Description

The energy-efficient Action Industries DLF10-01-W 8 ft. rear foam seal for commercial plant docks from North Shore Commercial Door will seal gaps between a commercial/industrial plant dock leveler and the dock floor. This air-tight foam seal blocks dust and fumes, and keeps rodents and other pests from entering your facility. The foam dock wedge also blocks cold and hot drafts, so this economically priced barrier also will help save on energy bills.

Because the seal is an alternative to harsh chemical rodent control products, it's a go-to choice for food processing or storage plants and other buildings requiring "clean" protection. Also shop our inexpensively priced dock levelers for your industrial plant or commercial site.


  • DLF10-01-W
  • 8 ft. length
  • Sanitary
  • For commercial/industrial docks
  • Rear foam wedge seal
  • Creates virtually air-tight seal
  • Energy-saving: blocks cold, hot drafts
  • Blocks entry of dust, dirt, fumes
  • Blocks rodents, insects, other pests

  • LENGTH: 8 Feet
  • WIDTH: 3/4 Inch
  • HEIGHT: 1 Inch
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