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BD Loops Product Videos

BD Loops Product Videos
Our BD Loops how-to videos at North Shore Commercial Door will help make installation fast and easy. American-made BD Loops, when properly installed, can automatically open a gate when a vehicle drives over them, and reverse a closing gate when a vehicle is detected. Our BD Loops will also hold a gate open if a vehicle stops over the loop at the gate of your business, parking facility or industry. We have instructional videos on how to install saw-cut loops using BD Loop saw-cut blades, which we also carry. Follow step-by-step instructions to get the job done right. Our American company has been the go-to choice for commercial and residential gate and garage door supplies for more than 35 years.

Learn how to install BD Loops for your vehicular gate operator with our free how-to videos at North Shore Commercial Door. See how to install our economy-priced BD Loop saw-cut loops with our inexpensive BD Loop saw-cut blades to allow detection of vehicles approaching and exiting your parking facility or industrial lot. We carry American-made BD Loops because they are the premium cost-effective choice for direct burial and saw-cut use.

These loops have a 16AWG (American wire gauge) count, which means they have double the amount of copper per foot as standard 20AWG loops. That makes them three times stronger than ordinary wire, with 36 percent less resistance. You want less resistance for your loop circuits, because more sensitive loops more easily detect even lightweight motorcycles. Plus, BD Lops arrive pre-wrapped, which saves time and money.

Our BD Loops videos also demonstrate how to avoid false detections from faulty loops. We carry BD Loops brand saw-cut loops in up to 52-ft. lengths with 20-ft., 50-ft. or 100-ft. lead-ins. See our handy DIY gate operator videos for installing vehicular gates or replacement parts.