Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit 24934

Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit 24934

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Item# DK-24934-GK
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Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit 24934
Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit 24934
Product Description

The Decko Xtreme 24934 gear and sprocket kit from North Shore Commercial Door is for use on 1/2-horsepower chain drive Decko Xtreme 2400 garage door openers. Using this kit will address many wear-and-tear issues that tend to stop your garage door operations. The gear and sprocket wear out, as do bushings. This Decko Xtreme garage door gear and sprocket kit has a spur gear already mounted on a new output shaft to make your DIY repair easier. The assembly includes a worm gear and a new bushing located under the sprocket. Instructions are included. We have an entire line of Decko Xtreme replacement parts and accessories.

Product Highlights:

  • 24934
  • For HP chain drive Decko Xtreme 2400
  • Includes spur gear mounted on new output shaft
  • Includes worm gear
  • New bushing located beneath the sprocket
  • Easy to install
  • Instructions included
  • Decko Xtreme garage openers sold exclusively at Menards
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COMMENT: I chat with Josh and he was very helpful and friendly. Thanks! by Hue V 6/28/2017
COMMENT: Gear was stripped by CHRIS H 6/6/2017
QUESTION: Would this fit a Liftmaster chain drive like the 8165? by Byron A 3/14/2016
STAFF ANSWER: NO it does not by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Will this fit the 425-1605? by Jason T 3/2/2016
ANSWER: Yes it does fit the 425-1605 I replaced mine but five days later the control board went out on it by Travis T a
STAFF ANSWER: Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit. For use on 1/2 HP Chain Driven Decko and Xtreme brand garage door operators. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can I order just the plastic sprocket and not the whole kit? by None N 2/21/2016
STAFF ANSWER: We only sell the whole kit by Taylor M a
QUESTION: My garage opener is labeled Xtreme. The word Decko is not on it. Is this the same unit? by Troy O 3/2/2015
ANSWER: Yes, this worked for me perfectly. by Nathan C a
ANSWER: My opener itself just says Extreme, but in the book under warranty it said Decko. This worked fine for me, so it should for you. by Larry J a
ANSWER: This should be the same if the opener came from menards like mine did by Jason H a
ANSWER: Thanks I will order it. by Troy O a
ANSWER: Yes, I have a xtreme opener I got at menards and this part worked in it by Tyler G a
ANSWER: Hi Troy<br />Im at work right now so I cant lay down the facts like the modle number. But I do remember I have a xtreme 1/2 hp garage door opener from menards and the decko drive kit was an exact replacement for that door opener. If my memory is correct it was a modle 2400. <br />I would order from these guys again in a heart beat. <br />Best of luck<br />Joe by Jennifer O a