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Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927

Replacement carriage-device provides smooth and solid, low-cost operation for both belt AND chain-operated garage door openers/receivers

Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
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Item# DX-24927
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Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927
Product Description
When your garage doesn’t work it can frustrating and exhausting looking for the proper replacement parts. The good news is that now you don’t have to spend all day searching for the right part. North Shore Commercial Door is dedicated to bringing our customers the products they want with the information that they need to get the job done quickly, and easily.

This product, the Decko Xtreme Trolley 24927 is used on all of the Decko’s operators. Both Belt, and chain drive alike use a universal (within Decko’s product line) Trolley. Two different openings in it. One for the operator rail, and one for the Trolley Shaft and Wire. The Trolley shaft and wire feeds through the circular hole in order to attach to the belt or chain connector.

Product Highlights:

• Part Number DX-24927
• Compatible with both Decko Belt Drive and Chain Drive Units
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Replace part that broke by Michael r 10/4/2017
COMMENT: Broke orignal by Gerald S 9/24/2017
QUESTION: Will this work to replace the trolley on Xtreme model # 425-1656? It's the Quiet Drive Professional Series. Thanks. by Holly R 1/15/2017
ANSWER: Yes by Bruce F a
ANSWER: literature says its compatible with both belt and chain drive units. Mine was chain drive and worked great. by Wayne V a
QUESTION: will this work for model 24000 ? by None N 11/25/2016
ANSWER: According to their parts manual, it should work. by Max L a
QUESTION: Does this part work on Xtreme Garage Door openers? by Erich S 8/28/2016
ANSWER: Assembled and side by side with the Xtreme Garage Door part, it looks exactly the same and I still haven't installed it as I fixed the one I thought was broken. by Amber S a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes by Taylor M a
QUESTION: i need the chain connector for a model 455? by None N 8/7/2016
ANSWER: Are you asking about the carriage? The part that connects the chain to the trolley? or just the piece that connects the chain together? that's called a master link. google guardian garage door openers. the xtreme garage opener sold at menards that this trolley goes on is a Guardian product that is manufactured in China. and unfortunately don't make alot of replacement parts based on cost. a new unit can be purchased pretty inexpensive near $100 at your local Menards. otherwise check out Guardian's webite and see if you can contact them directly for parts. North Shore is the only company I've ever found for any parts on this brand. <br />Matt <br />GM Overhead Door Company of Bloomington by Matt W a
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