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Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 3-in., 4-in., 6-in., 7-in. & 9-in.

Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 3"
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 3"
Item# T2563-00-W
# of feet:
Usually ships the next business day
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 4"
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 4"
Item# T2564-00-W
# of feet:
Usually ships the next business day
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 6"
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 6"
Item# T2566-00-W
# of feet:
Usually ships the next business day
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 7"
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 7"
Item# T2567-00-W
# of feet:
Usually ships the next business day
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 9"
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 9"
Item# T2569-00-W
# of feet:
Usually ships the next business day
Product Description
Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 3-in., 4-in., 6-in. Comparison

Keep your home in great condition and keep your heating/cooling expenses to a minimum with Garage Door Bottom EPDM "T" Rubber Seals from North Shore Commercial Door. Made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber, excellent for extreme temperature conditions (-50° - 350°F). Designed with a 1/4" "T" to fit the popular T-style bottom retainers. "T" Rubber Seals are available in the following sizes: 3", 4", 6", 7" & 9".


  • ITEM NUMBERS: T2563-00-W, T2566-00-W, T2567-00-W, and T2569-00-W
  • Garage Door Bottom EPDM "T" Rubber Seals
  • Made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Excellent for extreme temperature conditions (-50° - 350°F)
  • Designed with a 1/4" "T" to fit the popular T-style bottom retainers
  • Available in the following sizes: 3", 4", 6", 7" & 9"
North Shore Commercial Door has been in business for over 35 years and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions over the phone at 1-800-783-6112 or direct chat between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Or, send us your question any time via e-mail to Check out our line of garage and door products including the garage door bottom "T" rubber seals today.

Garage Door Bottom EPDM T Rubber Seals 3-in., 4-in., 6-in. Technical Drawing
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COMMENT: Best fit for my seal replacement project. by Ross K 10/8/2017
COMMENT: good prices by russell b 10/6/2017
QUESTION: We just bought a vinyl seal to replace an old seal. Its very stiff and was only 2.5" wide so its not compensating for our uneven floor. At one end of our opening, the floor has settled so that there is a 2" gap from the bottom of the metal track to the concrete floor at the end of the door. This gap tapers to 0 over about 3 feet. I'm thinking I need to try a wider seal, either the 4" or 6". But will this rubber seal be more flexible than the vinyl one I bought? Our old seal was very flexible and the gap was not nearly as long, only about 6" as opposed to 30-36". by Rebecca D 11/10/2013
ANSWER: Thank you, Josh! by Rebecca D a
ANSWER: The rubber seal I purchased worked to seal the gap at the bottom of the garage door. It was easy to install with two people. one placing it in the track and the other pulling it toward the other end.<br />The seal is flexible and tough. by Kenny R a
ANSWER: This product is very flexible. I would go with the 6 inch in your case because of that rather large 2 inch gap. That 6 inch piece should give you about 3 inches of coverage. I had a very similar instance and this product worked great. It compresses on one end of the garage door where it was not really needed, and fills a large gap on the other end. Just as designed. by Josh M a
ANSWER: The rubber seal is much better quality.thicker,and will last alot longer. With it being thicker and then the vinyl, it may not be quite as flexible but I think it will seal go with the 4 or 6in.<br /><br />John by John N a
ANSWER: We replaced an old vinyl seal with a 3 inch rubber seal. It is definitely more flexible and more importantly it is resilient, so it always goes back to its original shape and does not take a set like vinyl. Also vinyl gets stiffer with time due to plasticizer loss. <br /><br />Sounds like you have a significant floor levelness issue. If you really have a 2 inch gap, something 5-6 inches may work just based on the geometry of of the bottom seal. As an approximation, subtract door thickness from overall seal width and divide that by 2. That will be about the gap that can be sealed. Good luck. by Janet S a
ANSWER: I just replaced the vinyl seal on my garage door for the exact same reason. Going with the 4 or 6 inch gasket does not change the width at the bottom of the door only the depth or the gasket. We used the six inch to make up about a 2 inch gap tapered to zero over a ten foot distance but I am fairly sure the same gasket will work in your case. Recommend the 6 inch. We were very pleased with the construction of the rubber gasket we bought. Much more heavy duty than the vinyl gasket that came on the door. Good luck. Bob by Robert H a
ANSWER: Yes the rubber seal is more flexible. I have an even floor too and replaced the original 21/2" with a 41/2" seal and there was no issues with the door closing. I just replaced the old 41/2" seal with a 4" seal 41/2" was not offered, now I wish I would have bought the 6" because I still have a little bit of a gap on each end of the door and I will when this seal wears out. Hope this helps! by Jay K a
ANSWER: I had a similiar problem with the uneven surface of the concrete floor area where the garage door rests when the door is closed. I had over a foot long gap on each side of the bottom of the door when it was closed. I ordered the 6 inch rubber seal and it worked perfectly for my situation. The rubber seal is very flexible and I now have a gap free garage door when it is closed. by Steve S a
STAFF ANSWER: For that large of a gap you will likely need the 6" just to be safe. Yes, this seal made of EPDM rubber will be more flexible and durable in comparison to the cheaper vinyl T seals. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Have nine ft clopay garage door , I believe it's a 2/12 wide put it in track one side about 2ft has a slight gape can I go to say a 3in to compensate for that. Tried everything , more down pressure but no success ??? by Jim P 10/31/2013
ANSWER: Thanks everyone appreciate all your time will go yo next size by Jim P a
ANSWER: Yes go to the next size larger by Mickey H a
ANSWER: I purchased the three inch strip for a Dalton door... I believe the door is narrower than 2.5 inches. It worked great at sealing the 3/4 inch gap between the bottom of the door and the concrete floor. Leave it long on the ends and it will seal the drafts from the bottom edges as well. by Rodney T a
STAFF ANSWER: Does your clopay have to channels or one channel on the bottom of the door for weatherseal to slide into ? by Matthew O a
REPLY: it has two channels by Jim P r
QUESTION: We just built a new shed & installed a new 18ft garage door, but we are not going to cement the floor this year. We have about a 3-4 inch gap when the door closes, what can I do to keep out the animals? by Cheryl W 10/29/2013
ANSWER: Nothing else. Just pull out the old one. I actually used wd40 the first 5 ft or so they are a pain to start. May take two people. One feeding one pulling by Niel K a
ANSWER: It should work fine. Mine is keeping out mice and I store bird seed in my garage. The seal should flatten some so so a 4in gap I'd go with a 6 in seal or put down a 2x4 piece of pressure treated limber May want to make it as thick as your floor is going to be so you don't have to buy a 2nd one later. But they are good by Niel K a
REPLY: Does this require any other materials to install this T seal or do I just remove the seal that is already on the garage door? by Cheryl W r
REPLY: Just pull out old. Add lube like wD40 the first few feet or so. It will slide easier. by Niel K r
STAFF ANSWER: Get the 6" T Seal. It will have the largest drop. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have some uneven concrete under my door on one side. Can I install a six inch seal on my door to close the gap or what should I do? by Micky P 10/21/2013
ANSWER: I have about a one inch gap. I bought the four inch and it seals it with the pressure of the opener holding the door down. When the opener is disconnected I still had the gap as the rubber seal is not that mushy. I wouldn't want to use a six inch. by John C a
ANSWER: Unless your concrete is drastically uneven a 6" seal is probably overkill. What will most likely happen is the seal will be fine in the uneven spots but the extra material will turn upward on both ends of the door when it is lowered and it won't be hanging freely when the door reaches the floor thus the ends of the door will not seal. Thankfully the seals are not that expensive and reducing the size to 5 or 4 inches may be a better idea to experiment with. by Daniel W a
ANSWER: Micky you do not mention if the uneven concrete is width wise or front to back. I assume it is width wise. I installed the 3" exact replacement size and worked perfectly. <br /><br />The six inch should work excellent at covering that uneven concrete problem if it isn't to extreme uneven, then I would look into leveling the concrete and installing the exact replacement size. by Mary K a
ANSWER: you can however you will have excess seal in the other sections that will lay flattened out. Its been my experience that this excess part will be exposed to dry rot or cracking faster than a section that meets flush. Unfortunately there arent really a lot of options other than try to balance it out so that theres not too much of gap in some places, not too much excess in other places. You could install a rubber seal on the floor immediately behind the door seal. by tim k a