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Garage Door Lock Double Door Snap Latch Set

Garage Door Lock Double Door Snap Latch Set
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Garage Door Lock Double Door Snap Latch Set
Garage Door Lock Double Door Snap Latch Set
Product Description

The 7-34-1 and 7-351 replacement double door snap latch kit from North Shore Commercial Door has all the parts you need to install a snap-latch key on your garage door. This kit is designed to work with all snap-latch exterior handles on garage doors. The kit includes the lock, keys, nuts, bolts, screws and cable.

Product Highlights:

  • 7-34-1, 7-35-
  • Works with all snap-latch exterior handles
  • Includes lock set, keys
  • Includes installation hardware: nuts, bolts, screws, cable
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: need it by Xiu Z 5/13/2017
COMMENT: My garage door didnt come with this set up. by Dewey F 4/3/2017
QUESTION: are ther any instructions and diagrams included with this kit? by None N 7/1/2013
ANSWER: Sorry I don't remember if there was any instructions or diagram. As I was replacing an identical set, it was very easy to me to install. However, it should not be very difficult figure out how to install it, not very complicated, if there are pre-punched holes on the door rails. by J M a
ANSWER: There is a diagram and a template for drilling the holes for the lock set. <br /><br />Unfortunately there are no instructions but with the diagram, installation was pretty simple. by Gerald S a
ANSWER: There are instructions with the kit, plus I believe a template that you may or may not need. I installed this kit on a door last year and it is still working just fine. by B B a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes this kit comes with a set of basic instructions. It is quite simple to install. by Matthew O a