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Truss Head Self Tapping Garage Door Retainer Screw

Truss Head Self Tapping Garage Door Retainer Screw
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Item# 10020-00-H
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Truss Head Self Tapping Garage Door Retainer Screw
Truss Head Self Tapping Garage Door Retainer Screw
Product Description
Truss Self Tapping Screws with Phillips head are 1-3/4 inches long and commonly used in many DIY garage door repairs.

•These are the screws that come with our garage door bottom seal replacement kits. Order these if you want additional fasteners for your kit.

•If you order retainers and weather stripping that are not pre-bundled (sold as a bottom replacement kit) you will need to order these screws because they are only included on the Bottom Seal "kits"

• Part Number 10020-00-H

• Size: 1-3/4in long

•#2 Phillips Screw
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Extra hardware for side mounting by Thomas K 7/19/2017
COMMENT: Convenient and necessary. by Jose G 7/5/2017
QUESTION: Are the kit retainers aluminum? by None N 5/21/2016
ANSWER: The track that the seals slide into are aluminum. I am not sure if that is what you are referring to as the kit retainers. I would recommend getting the lubricant they sell or using liquid dish soap to insert the rubber seals. Although dish soap is messier, it works fine. by BARBARA F a
ANSWER: No,They are made of plated steel.They have not shown any rust after 7 months weather exposure. by James S a
ANSWER: they are stainless steel or aluminum non rusting screws by Stephen m a
ANSWER: I am not sure what the kit retainers are but, the base is plastic. I hope that is helpful by James M a
ANSWER: Not aluminum. Zinc-Plated steel Pan-Heads. I recommend you buy twice as many as you think you will need or be prepared to go to the hardware store for more; which might be good because for a lot of applications you'll need longer ones. by Michael H a
QUESTION: Are the retainer holes pre drilled? by None N 5/21/2016
ANSWER: I also remembered ordering extra screws. They were not expensive. by David E a
ANSWER: I didn't have to drill any wholes. and there were plenty of screws. by David E a
ANSWER: no, nothing is pre drilled, you need to measure and cut the bracket to the proper door size first .<br />then place it on the ggarage door and mark with a pencil as many screws as you see fit 12 to 24 inches apart<br />hold in place and pre drill your holes through the bracket and door, always start with the first and last screws at the very ends by Stephen m a
ANSWER: No. You desire during installation where you want to put the screws. by Sing Z a
ANSWER: Did not use screws...used outdoor glue instead...worked better by Richard H a
QUESTION: How many screws come in the Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Replacement Kit? by Harvey G 5/14/2016
ANSWER: Can' recall but there was an adequate amount. by Ron P a
QUESTION: Can these be used on an old solid wood door? by None N 3/17/2016
ANSWER: Without seeing your old door, I would have no idea. by Robert B a
ANSWER: Yes. I did it on a wood door and it works fine. by Thomas C a
ANSWER: No I wouldn'tt recommend these screws for going into wood. Fiberglass, metal, or light steel yes but not would. by Ron P a
ANSWER: I used mine on a 1982 wood/Masonite door to hold the track for the bottom rubber seal on and they worked fine. by Jim P a
ANSWER: I don't know why not unless there is something unusual about your door. My wood door is 38 years old works just fine. only mistake I made is cutting it 2 inches too short. by Keith D a