Garage Door Side and Top Weather Seal Stop Molding 150Ft' Roll

Garage Door Side and Top Weather Seal Stop Molding 150Ft' Roll

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Garage Door Side and Top Weather Seal Stop Molding 150Ft' Roll
Garage Door Side and Top Weather Seal Stop Molding 150Ft' Roll
Product Description

North Shore Commercial Door has been in business for decades and, with that experience, comes the knowledge that sometimes simplicity is the best method to solve a problem. With Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal, you can keep the elements at bay and reduce heating costs in your home or business simultaneously. When you need to keep the cold air out, a weather seal is the way to go. This weather seal:

  • Is available in widths of two inches and 2.625 inches.
  • Comes in the following colors: sandstone, gray, brown, almond, hunter green and white.
  • Arrives in 150 foot rolls and can be cut to length.
  • Features a nailing flange that is 0.1875 inches thick.

If you're looking for a simple and economical way to seal your garage, you've found it with the Garage Door Stop Molding Weather Seal available from North Shore Commercial Door. We ship anywhere in the United States and will ship internationally. If you have questions, our customer service staff is available over the telephone or online. Get your garage door molding today.

Available in the following colors

RDS-200 RDS-258
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COMMENT: I live in a windy area with three overhead shop doors 12 x 10 facing south. Sealing the sides will make my shop much easier to keep clean and easier to heat. by Fred F 9/3/2017
COMMENT: I need green to match my door and you carry it. by Franklin S 6/4/2017
QUESTION: can i buy a 100 ' roll in almond ? by None N 1/11/2016
STAFF ANSWER: We only sell it in a 150' bulk roll by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How close to the door frame molding should the weatherstrip be mounted. My doors have a space between 1/8 and 1/4 inch and only in the mid sections. If the weatherstrip is mounted even with the molding, the soft rubber part seems to roll up away from the door at the tight areas. Is there an optimal offset distance for the weatherstrip from the door molding? by Don L 11/7/2015
REPLY: Thanks for the reply--good to know there is that much variance allowed. by Don L r
QUESTION: I want to install this around the top of my garage door trim. However, the opening is arched. Will this product bend in an arch? by greg e 5/2/2015
ANSWER: I would think so, it may not seal against the door as well as it will on a straight opening. by PaPa P a
ANSWER: It will bend very nicely. At a 90 degree you have to cut it. by Salvatore R a
ANSWER: yes. the 150' are rolled up in a 2'x2' flat box so yes, it will arch as extreme as you want it to. by DONALD F a
QUESTION: How do I install this product? Do I nail it around the door perimeter? by Jim M 11/7/2014
ANSWER: I installed this on a 10 and 14 tall commercial door. I measured every foot, drilled a slightly larger hole than the screw through the seal and then ran self tappers into the Cee channel. I did have to use a heat gun to get the "flap" to conform properly, but all in all it seems to work well. Good luck. by AFS S a
ANSWER: Since we had buckling issues with a similar product, we drilled small holes every 12 inches in the center of the heavy plastic section. We then used small domed washers and screws to put it up. This worked well. No splitting. It is a two person job since someone has to hold the seal in place while the other screws it in. by Roger S a
ANSWER: I actually used GP screws. I purchased Grey so i was able to use grey exterior screws. But you could use Ring shank nails. by terry l a
ANSWER: It is best to cut it to length, then turn it over and you will notice some markings on the back. I drilled small holes every six inches, just large enough for my nails. Then I closed the garage door, and set the trim against the door, and put nail in about half way to hold the trim up. The reason for nailing half way is so that you can adjust the nails if need be. Once the trim looks right, hammer the nails in the rest of the way. by George B a
ANSWER: I used my air gun finish nailer if you hand nail pre drill for the nails by Richard B a
ANSWER: You can nail it or screw it by James G a