Genie GK-BX Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Pad (37224R)

Entryway transmitter has flange-sided cover for weather-proofing, illuminated vinyl LED buttons, features temporary code option for guests, package deliveries, and more

Genie GK-BX Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Pad (37224R)

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Genie GK-BX Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Pad (37224R)
Genie GK-BX Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Pad (37224R)
Product Description

Over time, even the most durable products will need to be replaced and this holds true for the keypads on Genie GK-BX wireless keyless entry pads. If you use this system on your garage and need to replace the keypad, North Shore Commercial Door Co. is your best resource for purchasing a replacement pad. These wireless keyless entry pads, model no. 37224R, are compatible with all Genie Intellicode garage door openers and Overhead Door CodeDodger systems. The Genie GK-BX wireless keyless system can be used on up to three garage doors so if you are using your entry pad to its maximum capacity, your keypad will see a lot of use. Fortunately, these keypads are built to handle large amounts of use. These Genie GK-BX wireless keyless entry pads feature auto-seek dual frequency technology that automatically transmits in 315 and 390MHz to minimize potential frequency interference from consumer electronics or nearby government bases. This 37224R model is also perfect for individuals who have recently purchased a new home that includes a Genie garage door opener. You can install this wireless keyless entry pad and use a new password on the system to allow the old garage door opener hardware to work at your specifications.

You will not need to know the old garage door opener access code number to program this new unit. After installing the keypad, you can erase the old settings by pressing and holding the program key and then the up/down key until the LED starts to blink. You will know that you have successfully erased the old programming when the blinking stops. After this, you will need to review the steps necessary to set up a pin and to program the device.

•Device uses standard AAA batteries

•PIN number can be 3 0 8 characters

•Temporary PIN codes can be issued to allow for one-time special access needs

•Keypad remains active for 15 seconds after door is activated

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COMMENT: replacement for old original keypad by Catherine L 9/2/2017
COMMENT: Needed external, wireless keypad. Price was right. by James M 9/1/2017
QUESTION: Hi, I have a genie garage door opener model number 1026, will this wireless keypad work with this door opener?<br />Thank You,<br />Mike by None N 9/7/2016
ANSWER: We have a wireless keypad and are able to open our door with it. On the occasions it didn't work, it needed new batteries. by Bonita S a
QUESTION: Can the key pad work for multiple doors Genie Model 2024 Professional Series? by Nick C 7/9/2016
ANSWER: do not have this model by Al M a
ANSWER: Yes just a four number different then the other garage door and programming it to the garage door motor. by Thomas W a
ANSWER: Yes. When installing it there are directions for programing the keypad for each door. I have one pad and two doors. Works well. by Brian B a
QUESTION: My remote is model AT90. WILL THIS WORK WITH MY OPENER? by None N 7/2/2016
ANSWER: It works great with mine. by Jaki S a
QUESTION: Can the genie wireless keypad entry be coded to an old 12 pin system? by Penny W 5/31/2016
STAFF ANSWER: This model cannot. by Taylor M a
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