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GTO / Mighty Mule RB741 Gate Opener Remote Transmitter

Item# RB741
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GTO / Mighty Mule RB741 Gate Opener Remote Transmitter
GTO / Mighty Mule RB741 Gate Opener Remote Transmitter
Product Description
Compatible with GTO gate operator receivers. Will work with GTO's PRO1500, PRO2500, PRO3000, PRO4000, PRO1000, PRO2000, Mighty Mule swing gate operators and SL1000 slide gate operator.

Simply set the dip switches inside the unit to match your other transmitters and receiver.

Battery and visor clip included.

Measures 2-1/2"H x 1-1/2"W x 9/16"D.
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COMMENT: Price and easy check out by Gary B 7/20/2017
COMMENT: needed one by Barry K 6/29/2017
QUESTION: I have a GTO remote gate opener, but I need an additional one, would this work and how do I program it? by Julie M 2/7/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
ANSWER: Yes it will you will have to make the new remote dip switch match the other remote switchs by Lark S a
QUESTION: Is the Plus or Minus the On position? by Martha D 1/25/2016
ANSWER: The plus is the on position. by Dolphin T a
ANSWER: Not sure what you mean. You can set it however you want. There are 9 digits and each digit can be set 3 ways. by George M a
REPLY: If I wanted a code 4569 would I turn these 4 numbers up and the others down. by Martha D r
REPLY: I have no idea. I have used all 9 numbers. The receiver must be in sync with the transmitter for it to work. by George M r
QUESTION: I want the access code to be 8195 what would I set the 9 switches too???? by Martha D 1/24/2016
ANSWER: I previously answered the question, but for your information....Mighty Mule and the GTO line of gate openers are the BOTTOM OF THE LINE of gate openers.....I have had more trouble with mine than I can count...and I am presently looking for a better, even more expensive that will work dependably .... by Jerry H a
ANSWER: I was ask not to include my email address in the therefore I have deleted my answer...sorry, but I wanted to be able to help more if my instructions were not clear. jerryheard and I am at outlook com if you can figure out my email address by Jerry H a
ANSWER: make 8195 your on nd the rest as off by jack u a
REPLY: Is the + or - the on position. We have a keypad entry and it keeps telling us that the codes don't match. by Martha D r
QUESTION: Will this remote work with an All-O-Matic SL-100 UL Slide gate opener? Or do you have a different model remote that would work with that specific gate opener? by None N 11/25/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What is the Model number on the back of one of the Remotes that are currently in use or that were being using on your Garage door operator ? by Taylor M a
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