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Janus International


North Shore Commercial Door offers Janus International garage door parts that are perfect for commercial use. Janus International provides reliable and safe garage door parts that help keep your garage insulated and prevent mishaps from garage door closings. Their products will help keep your valuable items safe and keep out the elements. Heavy-duty parts from Janus International will keep the rolling garage door moving smoothly and lock it firmly in place. Save yourself the hassle and labor of opening the garage door manually with these automatic openers and operators.

These small and sleek parts fit in your garage without taking up much space, so you'll still have room to store all of your belongings. Janus International garage parts can function with other garage door products, such as remotes to place in your car and keypads in case you want to enter the garage while walking around your house or office. North Shore Commercial Door has top brands for the best quality garage door parts and we sell them at greatly reduced prices.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reprogram my Janus garage door opener?

Janus International Group makes garage door operators that include self-storage garage door openers and commercial/industrial operators available. Learn how to program and reprogram your Janus mini-warehouse or commercial rollup operator with our free Janus garage door operator manuals that can be downloaded from the North Shore Commercial Door website.

Our manuals include detailed installation and reprogramming instructions for the Janus Mini Pantheon operator for mini doors and for the Janus Pantheon commercial low-voltage DC rolling door operator. Also use our Janus roll up door parts manuals.

What Janus replacement parts are available?

At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry a full line of Janus replacement parts, from remotes to replacement motor heads. We have Janus mounting brackets, draft stops and replacement garage door opener remotes.

Find replacement tensioners, sprockets, door stops, door handles, chain hoist assemblies and more. If you don't see the exact part you need on our website, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff for assistance.

How much headroom will I need for my Janus commercial roll up door?

For doors that are 10 ft. high, the minimum head clearance is 16 in. The minimum head clearance is 24 in. for doors that are taller than 10 ft. Headroom is the distance between the ceiling and the top of the door opening. Confirm your headroom needs by consulting your owner's manual for your Janus commercial roll up door.