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Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler

Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler
Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler
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Item# 25C20
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Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler
Liftmaster 25C20 Screw drive sprocket coupler
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door is your one-stop shop for Liftmaster sprocket coupling parts. The Liftmaster 25C20 screw drive sprocket coupler is compatible with all Liftmaster screw drive and low profile screw drive operators manufactured after 1995. It's ideal for refurbishing your garage door without having to purchase an entirely new unit, saving you time and money.

The Liftmaster 25C20 is compatible with:
  • Liftmaster 1000SD
  • 2000SD
  • 1000SDR
  • 2000SDR
  • 2110
  • 2220
  • Chamberlain 4600
  • 4620
  • 4640
  • 9902
  • PD420
  • PD460-2
  • 9950

***Quick-Replace Sprocket Coupling on a Screw-Drive Operator***

You will need: -Overhead access to the operator -Socket wrench/ratchet set -Phillips-head screwdriver -Flat-head screwdriver -Adjustable wrench -3/8 socket (model # 3130/3240) -or 7/16 socket (model #1000SDR/2000SDR)


Using a 7/16 socket or 3/8 socket and adjustable wrench, remove nuts and hex-screws from rail power unit bracket. Place screws and bracket aside Detach rail and slide it backward on the rail assembly drive Gently remove damaged coupling by sliding it off rail sprocket Place new sprocket coupler onto rail sprocket by aligning teeth in new coupler with grooves in rail sprocket Insert rail drive attached coupling back into power unit sprocket by aligning teeth with grooves Reattach rail/power unit bracket with nuts and hex-screws from step 1 Reconnect power and adjust travel and force limits
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: The original shattered by Neale S 10/7/2017
COMMENT: I have a broken garage door opener. by Richard K 9/24/2017
QUESTION: Will this works with Craftsman brand? by Steve H 4/29/2016
ANSWER: Yes this part works on Craftsman by Ron K a
ANSWER: Yes, I bought two, kept one for a spare and used the other to repair my door. Works great,,,the only problem was having to dismantle the garage control to gain enough space to put the new gear in! by David T a
QUESTION: my door has Sprocket Coupling 25a18. is this part 25c20 work with my door? by Ashraf A 12/30/2013
ANSWER: Yes. LiftMaster only has a couple screwdrive models and they utilize this same coupler. by C S a
QUESTION: how ti install coupler? by None N 7/27/2013
ANSWER: It's much easier if they call me 1-916-796-6283<br />ask for phil by S A a
ANSWER: Make sure door is in down position and to release the lock on it. The lock release will have a cord with a T-handle at one end.Next disconnect power supply.Undo the bolts holding the motor to the hanger frame. You will have to either support the motor on a 8"ft ladder or disconnect the the wires to the wall mount activator. After removing motor you should be able to remove coupler and replace it. Then just reverse what you just did to reassemble. by R I a
ANSWER: Unbolt the rail from the power head. Pull apart. The coupler just slips off and on. Replace and reassemble. Tulsa Garage Door Doctor. by C S a
QUESTION: the opener I have has a part #41A5389-1C built in 2002.will this part fit? by Paul D 5/23/2013
ANSWER: Yes by G E a
ANSWER: I am not sure if it will fit but at that price it's worth a shot. My opener was installed when the house was built in 1997 and installing this part is the only repair done by my brother-in-law. The only reason I did not do it is because I lacked arm strength to make the part fit. Took him maybe 15 minutes. It's worth possibly saving the of a new unit. by C P a
ANSWER: if this looks like the one between your motor and screw shaft then it should fit. It was a life saver for me. You'll get quick delivery and assured quality from North Shore! by R I a