Liftmaster 41A4885-2 Belt Drive Gear and Drive Pulley Set

Liftmaster 41A4885-2 Belt Drive Gear and Drive Pulley Set

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Item# 41A4885-2
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Liftmaster 41A4885-2 Belt Drive Gear and Drive Pulley Set
Liftmaster 41A4885-2 Belt Drive Gear and Drive Pulley Set
Product Description
The Liftmaster 41A4885-2 belt drive gear and drive pulley set includes a drive shaft with a belt pulley, a spring washer and a thrust washer. You'll also find a retaining ring, a bearing plate and two roll pins. This comprehensive gear kit of Chamberlain garage door parts has everything you need to replace the belt drive gear and drive pulley; it even has a worm gear, a helical gear with a retainer, and the grease you need to make it all work.

The 41A4885-2 is compatible with Liftmaster models manufactured between 1984 and 2001, including 1270, 1280, 1280R, 8100, 8200 and 9200.
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COMMENT: Opener broken. by BP B 6/5/2017
COMMENT: it broke by jay d 2/6/2017
QUESTION: Will this work with my 1996 "Sear Best" Craftsman? Model #13953800SRT1. My garage opener is a Craftsman, but it doesn't reference "Liftmaster" anywhere on it. by Julian M 2/29/2016
ANSWER: Most probably. The belt drive has 9 lobes. by Mike K a
STAFF ANSWER: liftmaster and craftsman are the same company ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have liftmaster part no. 41A5021 manufactured on March of 1999. Will this be compatible? by None N 12/8/2013
STAFF ANSWER: The number you provided is the circuit board end panel part number. The model number should be on the side. Call 800-528-9131 to verify the correct replacement gear and sprocket set that you need. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: will this fit a raynor aviator garage door opener installed in 1998? by None N 10/21/2013
STAFF ANSWER: This is for belt driven systems then pulley on top has to have the same number of cogs ridges otherwise check out part number# 41A4885-5 has a different number of cogs by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My door opener is Liftmaster 41A4252-6D, the professional line. I need a gear kit. Is this compatible to it? by charanjit T 1/31/2013
ANSWER: yes--the only hting you need ot replace is the plastic worm gear and add some grease. by J A a
STAFF ANSWER: If your door is a chain drive you will need the 41C4220A by Matthew O a
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