Liftmaster 41C4206A Gear and Sprocket

Liftmaster 41C4206A Gear and Sprocket

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Item# 41C4206
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Liftmaster 41C4206A Gear and Sprocket
Liftmaster 41C4206A Gear and Sprocket
Product Description
The LiftMaster 41C4206A Gear and Sprocket available at North Shore Commercial Door is made to work with LiftMaster models 1355 and 1345. This is the more economical method of renovating your garage door opener when anything begins to wear out in the opener drive system. Instructions are included in the package, which will usually ship within one business day after you order from NSCD. Call them at 800-783-6112.
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COMMENT: Need part by Richard G 2/25/2017
COMMENT: broken part by katherine L 9/11/2016
QUESTION: will this gear work on our garage door opener model #41a5021-7E? by Del G 11/12/2014
ANSWER: 41a5021-7E is the board number for liftmaster I believe - the actual model number is under the light lens. You can then search to ensure this gear and sprocket will work. It took me a while to determine it was right for mine - I do recommend replacing the whole thing - plastic gears also - all at once. My gears went out and I replaced only them and a month later this sprocket went out and I had to take it all apart and fix again. by Jack G a
REPLY: I can not find the model #...There is nothing on the front panel.. Thanks so very much for the heads up on the sprocket too. I'll see if I can find model # somehow. by Del G r
REPLY: I believe if you remove the light cover it's there I'm not at home to look at mine. I do remember finding it on mine I thought there and made the compatibility search much easier. Good luck. by Jack G r
REPLY: Thanks by Del G r
QUESTION: Will this fit model Liftmaster 1256? by r m 9/5/2014