Liftmaster 892LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote

Liftmaster 892LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote

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Item# 892LT
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Liftmaster 892LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote
Liftmaster 892LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description

The LiftMaster 892LT Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote from North Shore Commercial Door has numerous features and, as always assistance from our knowledgeable staff through the Q&A on our website. The 892LT is compatible with Security+2.0 garage door openers as well as commercial door openers and receivers. It is also a replacement LiftMaster Models 972LM, 372LM, 811LM, 813LM, 331, 361-363LMs, 333LM, 61LM and 63LM.

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COMMENT: Because our company is growing and we needed to order more remotes for other employees. by Yvonne A 8/29/2017
QUESTION: Does this have the three position DIP switch? by Sandy W 4/5/2017
ANSWER: No, it's though learn button by Isidro L a
QUESTION: what is the frequency on this unit. Is it compatable with Liftmaster 372 LM? by Gene H 6/1/2015
ANSWER: Yes , it is actually replacing that remote. You have to program this remote to the motor with the learn button by Walter R a
QUESTION: I was able to program 1st button with community gate entrance. I can't program the 2nd button for my own garage door....anyone has some tips? by nicole p 5/20/2015
ANSWER: It has been a long time, and I too had trouble, but I kept reading the instructions and kept going up the ladder and trying to get it to work. Finally it did and hasn't failed since. I remember I was about to call that old feller that started the company, to talk to him. Sounds like it wouldn't helped, hee hee by marshall c a
ANSWER: Had the same problem... tried over n over won't connect to my liftmaster either... a waste of $25 by Richard F a
QUESTION: How do I tell what remote I have? by Jim B 12/17/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Look at the model number on the back of the remote. by Matthew O a
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