Linear HAE00040 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board

Linear HAE00040 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board

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Item# HAE00040
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Linear HAE00040 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board
Linear HAE00040 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board
Product Description is the best place to look for a Linear control board. We carry a huge selection of items at a competitive price with fast, next-day and inexpensive shipping. Our friendly, experienced and trained staff is ready to answer any questions you may have to protect your investment in your garage — and the things you keep in it. You can contact them online or on the phone. With more than 35 years of experience in the field, we are a leader in supplying the right item at the right price — and you can shop from the convenience of your own home or office with the confidence of using our secure online ordering system. North Shore Commercial Door's Linear HAE00040 Garage Door Opener Motor Control Board is ideally suited for use with Linear garage door opener models LD033, LD050 and LS050. This item is the same as the old part numbers HAE00003 and HAE00039.
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COMMENT: Linear LD050 garage door opener was plugged into a receptacle, and I verified 120 VAC at various pins on the circuit board. However, no voltage was available at the pushbutton. Garage door opener will not respond to remote. Suspect is circuit board. by Kenneth J 8/22/2016
COMMENT: Good price by Vivian R 7/14/2016
QUESTION: Can I buy parts for old linear opener?u by None N 9/15/2016
ANSWER: yes, depending on how old your opener is. I just bought parts for a 2005 linear opener by JoLynne G a
ANSWER: Yes. I installed part with some help from Linear tech support. Works like a charm. Saved lots of $. by Bernard k a
QUESTION: My LDO33 has power going to the circuit board but doesn't send any to power the capacitor to operate the door. do I need to replace the circuit board? by Kevin B 6/10/2016
ANSWER: my ld050 has power going to the circuit board but dosent send any power to the capacitor to operate the door do i need to replace the circuit board by Ken M a
QUESTION: wont close without holding inside button down.opens normally with remote, have replaced sensors .green lights wont come on on I need circuit board? by ronnie d 5/13/2016
ANSWER: If you have replaced the sensors and they are aligned properly they should come on. If not check all wiring to make sure that the wires are in perfect conditionno cuts or staples in the wires. Make sure that the wires are connected to the opener head properly. If they still do not work you will need a new logic board. by Dale B a
ANSWER: Get the exact replacement part and replace it. Unless you are a Linear products engineer with all the schematics and electronic equipment; then you can maybe fix it!! by Manuel O a
ANSWER: The same thing happened to me. I tried everything but it turned out that we had to replace the mother board. North Shore was very helpful with getting me the right piece. I would work with them again if need be. by Valerie H a
ANSWER: Sometimes if the spike or surge is strong enough it will affect the logic/control board of the garage door opener. You will have to replace the board to get the opener to function again. by Dale B a
ANSWER: I had to replace the board and the sensors. It was and easy job and did not take long. by John S a