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LiftMaster Remotes

Liftmaster Remotes
North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide variety of LiftMaster garage door remotes that can match the LiftMaster product you already own. Whether you want to switch to a one-, two- or three-button remote or purchase an extra keychain remote, we have the remote for you. A LiftMaster garage door opener remote makes it even easier to open your garage from your car. Chamberlain LiftMaster makes the finest products with the assurance that your remote will open only your garage and no one else will be able to break in. These garage door remotes offer both security and convenience for the users. Save yourself the hassle of manually opening the garage door or getting out to use a keypad. Keychain remotes can be great if you use the garage at your home and need a way for your child to enter your house. LiftMaster also makes wireless keypads for even more security for your belongings in your garage.

For more information on how to choose the correct LiftMaster/Chamberlain remote control for your garage door system, please see our guide on How to Choose. Or, you can call us at 440-365-5707 or send us an email at