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Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5

Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5
Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5
Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5
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Voltage Phase and Frequency: 
Horse Power:  Door Height(Round Up):  Special Modification: 
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Ordering instructions: LiftMaster operators are intended to be installed by an Authorized Dealer. Please contact us directly and we can recommend an Authorized Installing Dealer.

Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5
Liftmaster T Trolley Operator - Logic 5
Product Description
The Trolley (T) style of commercial operators are typically hung from the ceiling when used on sectional overhead doors that have standard lift. The T-style of operators directly control the doors functions. The Trolley style of Logic 5 Operators from LiftMaster come with an emergency release that allows for manual use.

LiftMaster incorporated MyQ Technology into the Logic 5 Operators. In order to utilize the MyQ technology on the Liftmaster Model T the 828LM Internet Gateway is needed. This allows users to control and check the status of their doors from a remote location.

The Standard LiftMaster Logic 5 Commercial Operator kits from North Shore Commercial Door are an amazing offer and a brand new product! The base units include a 1/3 Horse Power (HP) unit, model #T331L5 which runs on a Voltage you choose.

Included in the kit:

• Safety Beams

• Sprocket

• Chain

• Built In Security+ 2.0 radio receiver

• Installation instructions.

Customizable options are available, but are considered to be upgrades on the operator. You can select these customizations in the drop down boxes above.

Options available include:
• 115 or 230VAC 1PH comes standard
• Upgrade to 208/230/or 460VAC (T333L5)
• Upgrade to 575VAC 3PH (T505L5)

Horse Power:
• 1/3HP comes standard
• Upgrade to ½ Horse Power (T501L5)
• Upgrade to 3/4 Horse Power (T751L5)
• Upgrade to 1 Horse Power (T101L5)

Door Height:
• 8 ft
• 10 ft
• 12 ft
• 14 ft
• 16 ft
• 18 ft
• 20 ft
• 22 ft
• 24 ft

Special Modification
• Damp Environment

Optional MyQ Accessories:

828LM - The 828LM internet gateway is an innovative product which enables customers to remotely access their operators. The new Logic 5 Commercial Operators have MyQ Receivers built in, but need the 828LM to function.

829LM - The 829LM Garage Door Monitor is a MyQ product which alerts users to the status of their garage door. You will receive a notification any time that the door is opened or closed.

825LM - The 825LM Remote Light Control allows you to turn on or off lights with your phone, tablet, or garage door opener.

823LM - The 823LM is a light switch that allows you to turn lights on and off with your tablet, phone, or garage door opener.

Remote Control Accessories:

811LM - The 811LM is a single button transmitter encrypted with the Security+ 2.0 technology. This transmitter has the capability to control one door.

813LM - The 813LM is a 3 button transmitter that has been encrypted with the Security+2.0 technology. This transmitter has the capability to control up to three different doors/devices. This transmitter is color coated with red, green, and yellow buttons. A special feature with this transmitter is that it can perform an open/close/stop function.

893MAX - The 893Max is a 3 button transmitter that is encrypted with Security+2.0 technology. This transmitter can control up to 3 different doors, as well as perform an open close and stop function.

Additional accessories:
North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide variety of accessories for both residential and commercial use. We have a number of safety edge options, control stations, motion sensors, and much more for all of your needs!
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QUESTION: can i have a timer to close option as well as programed remotes? by None N 12/11/2015
ANSWER: Im dure You can that is what i ea red To do , Buy i did not program it that way by TODD J a
QUESTION: Will the basic version work with a remote? by Scott S 1/8/2015
STAFF ANSWER: This T model has built in Radio Receiver so you would just have to buy the security plus 2.0 compatible remote controls that are listed in the description. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: does liftmaster offer a wireless keypad device to open the door from<br />outside the building? by None N 12/5/2014
STAFF ANSWER: yes it does. The liftmaster Wireless Keypad model 877MAX will work. If you want a more commercial style keypad please give us a call. Thank you. by Matthew O a
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