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Garage Door Lubricants

North Shore Commercial Door carries a wide selection of lubricants for gates and garage doors. Keeping the moving parts of your garage door lubricated will reduce stresses on parts and the motor, extends the life expectancy of parts, provides quieter operation and can inhibit rust and corrosion. The selection of lubricants below includes penetrating oils that are useful for freeing up older parts that already have some corrosion, and sprays that provide water dispersing protection, as well as lubrication.

Regular use of these oil based sprays is especially important for outdoor systems exposed to the weather and perhaps even to corrosive road salt. We also stock dry lubricants that offer the advantage of attracting and trapping less dirt than liquid lubricants. Lubricants such as the white lithium grease will lubricate parts, protect them from corrosion, and will resist washing off. They continue to provide lubrication even during temperature extremes, as well. Regular lubrication is smart maintenance that will pay off in greater longevity for your gate or garage door opener.