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Manaras MGT Opener Parts

Manaras MGT Opener Parts
Key Part # Description
1 LINK011 Manaras LINK011 #50 Connecting Link 50-1
2 BRAKEPART019 Manaras BRAKEPART019 Brake Band Assembly Heavy Duty
3 DRUM005 Manaras DRUM005 Brake Drum
4 BUSHING053 Manaras BUSHING053 Brake Lever Pivot
5 CLIP021 Manaras CLIP021 External Self-Locking Retaining Ring 3/8" Curved Rim **DISCONTINUED**
6 WASHER064 Manaras WASHER064 Flat Washer 3/8 (.391 x .750 x .130) ZP **DISCONTINUED**
7 SHAFT048 Manaras SHAFT048 MDJ, MGT, MSJ, MTH, MTBH Drive
8 LEVER051 Manaras LEVER051 MGH Brake Lever C-1 Galvanized
9 MOTOR336 Manaras MOTOR336 Motor 1/2HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR337 Manaras MOTOR337 Motor 3/4HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR350 Manaras MOTOR350 Motor 1HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR355 Manaras MOTOR355 Motor 1.5HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR357 Manaras MOTOR357 Motor 1/2HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR358 Manaras MOTOR358 Motor 3/4HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR359 Manaras MOTOR359 Motor 1HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR361 Manaras MOTOR361 Motor 1.5HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR384 Manaras MOTOR384 Motor 3/4HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR385 Manaras MOTOR385 Motor 1HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR386 Manaras MOTOR386 Motor 1.5HP - 575V - 3PH
10 BUSHING055 Manaras BUSHING055 Opera Limit Shaft Bushing
11 PIN001 Manaras PIN001 Pin Cotter 1/8 x 1 - 1/2
12 REDUCER028 Manaras REDUCER028 Reducer CH60-40D FR 56
13 SOLENOID001 Manaras SOLENOID001 120V Solenoid Switch for 120V Operators
SOLENOID002 Manaras SOLENOID002 240V Solenoid Switch for 230V Operators
SOLENOID003 Manaras SOLENOID003 440V Solenoid Switch for 460V Operators
SOLENOID004 Manaras SOLENOID004 575V Solenoid Switch for 575V Operators
14 SPRING026 Manaras SPRING026 Trolley Arm Disconnect Spring

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Shop our line of Manaras MGT replacement parts, including brake drums, brake band assemblies and brake levers. We have original-manufacturer motors, OEM solenoid switches, trolley arm disconnect springs, bushings and nuts. Our family-owned American company has spent more than 35 years building our reputation for lowest prices and highest customer service rankings. Save even more with our in-house coupons.