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Multi-Code 1011 MCS1011 Radio Receiver and Transmitter Set by Linear

This item is discontinued.
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Digi-Code 3 Tab Garage Door Opener Receiver DC5100: 300MHz
This item is discontinued. Please view this replacement item:
Product Description
Whether you're replacing an old or broken garage door opener or you're looking for a backup to give to another member of your household, the Multi-Code by Linear may be your best choice. The Multi-Code 1011 radio receiver and transmitter set is powered by a simple 9-volt battery and features 1,024 possible code combinations that you can set and re-set whenever you'd like.

The Multi-Code by Linear is compatible with all Multi-Code radio controls and operates at a 300 MHz frequency. A three-terminal, 24-volt receiver connects directly to the operator, and each transmitter comes with a visor clip. Because it's versatile enough to be used in several applications, the Multi-Code 1011 might be exactly what you need.
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery
  • Compatible with all Multi-Code radio controls
  • 1,024 possible codes
  • Operates at 300 MHz
  • Comes with visor clip for easy attachment
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COMMENT: Exactly the same parts as I have on my unit. by Ted P 8/31/2016
COMMENT: A good low cost solution that appears to meet my needs. The functionality was confirmed by "chat", which was very helpful. by George H 11/2/2015
QUESTION: I have a couple of questions about an MC 1011 door remote xmitter/ receiver. Can this unit receive signals from a Doorking microplus transmitter at 313 MHZ? by Dallas O 9/9/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not. by Taylor M a
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