Nylon Garage Door Roller 2" Wheel 4" Short Stem , 11 Ball

Nylon Garage Door Roller 2" Wheel 4" Short Stem , 11 Ball

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Nylon Garage Door Roller 2" Wheel 4" Short Stem , 11 Ball
Nylon Garage Door Roller 2" Wheel 4" Short Stem , 11 Ball
Product Description
White nylon tire, 11 ball bearing

Shaft Length: approx 4"

Roller Diameter: 1.75" for 2" track

Shaft diameter: 7/16"

Please note: The old 13 ball roller was rated for max 75 lb load sections and 15,000 cycles.

The new 11 ball roller is also rated for max 75 lb sections but passed 50,000 cycles.

One key difference is the way the ball bearing race track is formed. The new wishbone design holds onto the tire a little better and helps keep the tire from coming loose thus improved performance. But, less ball bearings can fit into this new design.
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COMMENT: $0.88 Why Not!! by Cliff A 9/19/2017
COMMENT: needed it by Joseph N 8/1/2017
QUESTION: I want to replace my rollers but the shaft size is 5/16 and all the rollers I see are 7/16. Are the smaller shaft wheels still available ? by Ed J 4/8/2016
STAFF ANSWER: We do not sell those. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What is the actual diameter of the nylon roller? by john c 2/29/2016
ANSWER: What the specs on the site list are correct. Its 1 3/4 - so that particular wheel is just shy of 2" by David S a
ANSWER: I have five rollers remaining from a previous project. The diameter of the nylon rollers are 1.805", 1.795", 1.794", 1.804" and 1.795". by Chad M a
ANSWER: spec says 1 3/4 in but I believe it is 1 7/8 in by Larry Z a
ANSWER: 1-3/4 by Bobby H a
QUESTION: my steel rollers measure 1 3/4 in diameter- what size nylon rollers do I need? by Joseph B 11/18/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Smallest size is a 2 inch diameter by Taylor M a
QUESTION: What happens if you use roller with 7'' long instead 4.5? by Thang N 6/15/2015
ANSWER: Depends on the bracket. If double, you likely need the 7", but if single bracket holder, the 4.5" will work fine. by Results b a
ANSWER: Sorry, but I don't know. by Dale D a
ANSWER: It will stick out further, should not be a problem. by Edward Z a