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Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'

Longer-length aluminum retainer and vinyl-bristle draft-barrier kit in 3 colors

Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
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Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit 4'
Product Description
Our 4-foot Passage Door Brush Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit can be used to help bridge door gaps or to help seal out draftiness or cold that passes through your commercial or residential walk-through door. These door sweeps are made from long-lasting, durable materials, including our high-quality brush seals and aluminum retainers that have been pre-punched for quick installation.

Each door brush seal comes with a 4-foot long aluminum retainer, a brush seal and matching screws for uncomplicated installation. They come in three color choices, including mill finish aluminum, brown and white, to help match your existing door or frame color. North Shore Commercial Door also offers this affordable door seal kit in a 3-foot option.
  • 4-foot long
  • Brush itself measures 7/8 inches tall
  • Door Sweep Measures 1-5/8 Inches from top to bottom
  • Includes fasteners
  • Designed for use on residential and commercial walk-through doors
  • Three finish options available
  • Can be cut to size using a hacksaw, if desired
  • Brush composed of weather resistant polypropylene filaments
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Wanted something better than plastic and vinyl by Robert L 7/19/2017
COMMENT: The price and quality. : by JOSEPHINE B 6/21/2017
QUESTION: Can this sweep be used on a hidden passage door? A door that slides into the wall? Also are the bristles soft or stiff? Will the bristles scratch my wood floors? by Emily V 9/13/2016
ANSWER: The bristles won't scratch the floor because they are soft. Not sure if the sweep once installed will fit into the wall. by Rusty Nail R a
REPLY: There is room on either side of the door. But if it doesn't fit do you have a recommendation for a sweep that can be applied just under the door instead of the side of the door? by Emily V r
ANSWER: Yes, yes, and yes the bristles are soft. GreT product by Frank B a
REPLY: Thank you! I just picked two up at homedepot, it's much smaller than it looked online. The bristles are very soft and thin. I'm hoping it works! Thanks for everyone's help! I'm going to put one on each side of the door for extra protection against draft this winter. <br />Thanks again. I will let you know how it works out! by Emily V r
ANSWER: Hey there ,yes you cant used in a hidden door and the bristles won't scratch your floors under normal conditions Now if your floors are soft wood or the finished coating is strong as normal walking use.There is a maybe a little bit of strees . Remember bristles are basically a plastic brush nylon or so nothing else, hope that work for you<br />Best regards<br /><br />Alvaro by Alvaro Z a
ANSWER: The bristles are firm and the amount of contact they have with the floor can be adjusted up or down, i would not want the bristles to rub the wood floor consistently, so i would mount the strip just the smallest amount above the floor. This would be easy as long as your floor is level.<br />I am using on a door with the floor being concrete.<br />A pocket style door would work with this as long as the added thickness of the strip is less than the space on one side of the door frame to the door. by Dennis V a
QUESTION: Are the screw holes pre-drilled? If so what is the spacing of the holes? by Jack G 8/2/2016
STAFF ANSWER: these sweeps are not pre drilled we recommend about a 1ft apart. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: should the brush style entry door sweep be in stalled on the inside or outside of door?<br />The door in question swings into the house from the attached garage by jeff m 11/25/2015
ANSWER: Our door swings inside as well and we installed the brush on the inside. by Robert M a
ANSWER: It was installed on the main front door and it works fantastic no dust come in great product 100% recomendable <br />Thank you <br /><br />Best Regards<br /><br />Alvaro<br /><br />Alvaro by Alvaro Z a
ANSWER: All depends on swing of door if swings out its on the out side , if it swings units on inside you don't want it to roll under door by fred s a
QUESTION: Does this come in 10 foot lengths? by Tim S 2/3/2015
ANSWER: The tech sheet will inform you of the length in options. You can cut the length to fit your door. by Jim P a
STAFF ANSWER: No, only 4' and 3' but we could possibly special order for a bulk order. Give us a call! by Matthew O a
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