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Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl

Vinyl-flex seal kit has additional micro-ridge for greater support needed with passage doors

Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl
Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl
Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl
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Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl
Passage Door Sweep Weather seal Kit 4' - Vinyl
Product Description
The 4-foot long Passage Door Sweep Weather Brush Seal Kit includes everything you need to quickly seal out draftiness on your residential or commercial walk-through door. Made using a durable vinyl seal and an aluminum retainer, each door sweep can be easily installed using household tools and the included, matching screws. North Shore Commercial Door also offers this product in a 3-foot option.

These door sweep kits also feature pre-punched retainers so you don't have to drill any additional holes. The retainers come in three color options, including mill finish aluminum, brown and white, to match your existing door or frame color. Another benefit of our 4-foot door sweep kits is that they can easily be cut down using a hacksaw if your door is smaller than the retainer.
  • Designed for 4-foot doors
  • Includes matching fasteners
  • Suits both commercial and residential walk-through doors
  • Three finish options available
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COMMENT: couldn't find 48 " sweeps locally by Carol R 3/4/2016
COMMENT: I build carriage wooden door and I needed weather seal for the bottom by Emilio R 3/2/2016
QUESTION: Looking for replacement T-shape vinyl or rubber door sweep 48" wide without aluminum or any type holder, just the stripping??? by Maxine H 1/19/2016
ANSWER: I'd check the specs for vinyl or rubber sweeps and search the web for replacemnt products. Somebody makes this stuff, so it is out there. by Herbert K a
STAFF ANSWER: Sorry we only sell this in a complete set ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Can I cut this to a shorter width? My door is a bit wider than 36". by James G 12/8/2013
STAFF ANSWER: Absolutely it can be cut down. by Matthew O a
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