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Miller Edge Non-Monitored Relay Light Curtain

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Product Type:
Light Curtain
MSRP: $417.09 - $550.00
$379.17 - $500.00
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Attach the Miller Edge Non-Monitored Light Curtain on the tracks or guides of your commercial garage door for a dense barrier of light that, when interrupted, signals a door to stop and/or reverse. Non-Monitored Relay Light Curtains are ideal for pre-2010 installations that do not require a monitored solution and can also function as a secondary detection device on newer operators.

Available in 36 and 72 inch models, RLCs sense obstructions that wouldn’t be detected by a single-beam photo eye. These safety edges is ideal for Motorized and High Speed Doors. They detect a wider area and ensure a door doesn’t close on obstructions like pedestrians, vehicular traffic, or equipment.  Maximum range of 32 feet with a durable and waterproof housing. Straightforward installation with simplified wiring and included universal mounting brackets.

Product Highlights:

  • Slim design looks clean and stays out of the way
  • Non-Monitored fail safe photo optic solution
  • Uses multiple sensors to create an invisible blanket of protection for doors
  • Signals door to stop and/or reverse when obstructions are sensed
  • Ideal for pre-2010 installations that don’t require a monitored solution
  • Easy to install, simplified wiring
  • PVC over aluminum
  • Comes with Universal Mounting Brackets
  • Mounts near tracks/guides of a garage door

Model Options:

36 Inch - 3 Feet, 8 Elements - RLC-K36 (non-monitored)

72 Inch - 6 Feet, 16 elements - RLC-K72 (non-monitored)


Optical -

Operating Range: 8-32 ft.

Number of Elements: 8 or 16 (model dependent)

Max Ambient Light: >100,000 lux

Aperture Angle: EM: ±8º and RX: ±15º

Electical -

Power Source: 12-24 volts DC AC/DC

Current Consumption: <150 mA @ 24 volts DC

Relay Rating:1A current switching at 24 volts DC

Output: N.O. and N.C.

Physical -

Max Protection Height: 36 inches or 72 inches

Dimensions: 1" Wide by 38" High by 1.1" deep

Exposure Rating: IP67

Mounting: (4) Universal Mounting Brackets

Tempurature Range: -40°F to +140°F