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Action Industries EPDM Rubber Sheeting 50 Foot Roll

MSRP: $638.15 - $1,642.00
$580.14 - $1,492.73
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Action Industries EPDM RE18R garage door rubber sheeting from North Shore Commercial Door can be used to protect header baffles on your commercial rolling door or used on hangar doors. Reinforced EPDM rubber sheeting, with an inner cloth layer, adds stability for mechanical fastening. EPDM rubber sheeting is recommended as better than neoprene for your commercial garage door when you need to protect against UV damage.

Find economical 50-foot long rolls of EPDM rubber sheeting at North Shore Commercial Door. Order it in a 6 Inch width (RE18R-06-W) sizes or 9 Inch width (RE18R-09-W). We also have EPDM rubber sheeting in a 12 Inch width (RE18R-12-W) and 18 Inch width (RE18-18-W). Because our Action Industries rubber sheeting is available in several styles, contact our team at our U.S. headquarters if you need help choosing the best sheeting for your desired use.

Product Highlights:

  • EPDM RE18R
  • Versatile: for header baffles to hangar doors
  • Optimal for UV protection, stability
  • Sold in 50-ft. long rolls
  • 1/8 inch thick material
  • 6 Inch Width = RE18R-06-W
  • 9 Inch Width = RE18R-09-W
  • 12 Inch Width = RE18R-12-W
  • 18 Inch Width = RE18R-18-W